Sunday, April 27, 2008

The City of Angels

Apparently, that's Bangkok alternate appellation. I've been here for about 12 hours now, and it's great. This is a huge city, where everything is maximum. The most surprising thing to me is that Bangkok resembles the capital of middle-income country more than a third world nation; I rode the gleaming air-con Skytrain this afternoon to a shiny new shopping center to pick up a new cell phone, hardly my conception of grueling overland Asia travel.

But I'm not disappointed. The way to this man's heart is through his stomach, and I'm falling in love with Thai food. The food here sparkles with myriad tastes, lemongrass, basil, pepper, and meal times are dazzling, sweat-inducing riots (the food is spicy indeed).

Apart from food, I haven't done much (my friends won't be surprised). I spent most of the day taking it easy. The only other thing worthy of note is the blatancy of sex tourism here. I've seen numerous couples, rather average looking foreign men, with absolutely stunning Thai women (or men in a few cases). There seems to be little shame in it, and I myself have been approached about five times already, asking if I want a "happy massage." I declined, but I might already have a Thai boyfriend. I got a haircut today, and a guy at the salon got my phone number so we can go clubbing on Friday. A really nice guy, but with a haircut like his, there's little chance he's not gay. I just hope he simply wants to be friends, because otherwise, he's knocking at the wrong door.

Now, I'm off to Khao San road, SE Asia's most famous backpacker enclave which caters to backpackers tastes with an eclectic mix of authenticism and campiness. At night, it comes alive, as backpackers and hip Thais crowd into its dingy bars, and tonight, I plan to join the crowds. I'll let you know how it goes ;)

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