Thursday, April 3, 2008

Now for the fun part...

Although I'm excited about this new job, I more excited about the upcoming trip I have planned. I've hardly wandered during this "wanderjahr," and before I get tied down, I've decided to take a two month backpacking trip across SE Asia. I'm flying to Bangkok on April 30, from where I'll head to Chiang Mai (trekking and Thai cooking classes), and then to the peninsular southeastern coast (beaches). After Thailand, I'll spend a few days in Malaysia or Singapore, mainly to get to Bali, from where I'll spend a month exploring Indonesia's world-class surf breaks. Late June will see me back in Hyderabad. If you have any recommendations, please do pass them along, and if you'd like to join me, I'd love the company (though I'm not alone, two cousins are traveling with me).

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